Lincoln Reflects, Readies for Electric Future on 100th Birthday

Lincoln 100th Birthday | Toronto, ON

The Lincoln brand recently celebrated its 100th birthday, marking a century of innovation. As the luxury brand enters a new generation, it is focusing on continuous improvement and creativity through its electric future.

“We are at a defining moment in our history. We look back at Lincoln’s past and find inspiration for the future and, to reflect on what we have accomplished — maintaining a balance between the brand’s core values and redefining our vehicle and experiences for the next generation of luxury clients,” said Lincoln president Joy Falotico. “The timing of our 100th anniversary couldn’t be more ideal as we shift to an electrified future, and I look forward to shepherding the brand into the next 100 years.”

The MKZ Hybrid was the first hybrid vehicle launched by Lincoln in 2010. The current lineup of plug-in hybrid vehicles includes the Aviator Grand Touring and Corsair Grand Touring models. Other ways that Lincoln has shown off its innovation is with the Navigator, which debuted with the all-new 30-way Perfect Position Seats. The newest version of the Navigator, set to be launched this year, arrives with even more exciting amenities, including ActiveGlide hands-free driver-assist technology.

We’re excited to see the Lincoln brand continue to build on its history and create vehicles that inspire us daily. To learn more about the Lincoln PHEV lineup, contact our team at Downtown Lincoln in Toronto, Ontario.

Lincoln Driver-Assist Features You Should Know About

2022 Lincoln Navigator, Toronto, ON

In all of its vehicles, Lincoln offers various systems from the Lincoln Co-Pilot360™ suite of safety technologies. These Lincoln driver-assist features offer peace of mind and increased confidence when you’re behind the wheel. Here are some of the top systems you should know.

Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking

With the use of cameras and radar technology, this system will scan for pedestrians or other vehicles on the road. It will then provide a collision warning and apply the brakes if you are unable to take corrective action in time.

Blind Spot Information System and Cross-Traffic Alert

When you’re driving on a road with multiple lanes, this system will let you know if another vehicle is in your blind spot. Meanwhile, Cross-Traffic Alert is ideal when you’re reversing into a busy roadway because it will let you know if it’s safe to do so.

Evasive Steering Assist

As part of the available Lincoln Co-Pilot360™ Plus suite, this helpful feature uses sensors and cameras to detect a potential frontal collision. When it does, the system will brake for you. If a collision is inevitable, you can initiate an evasive manoeuver and the system will adjust the steering torque to help avoid hitting the vehicle ahead.

Active Park Assist

Another available system from Lincoln Co-Pilot360™ Plus is Active Park Assist. This feature will guide you into tough parking spots, whether it’s parallel parking or simply reversing into a tight perpendicular spot. If you get too close to another vehicle or object, the system will alert you.

To learn more about the Lincoln Co-Pilot360™ suite of advanced driver-assist systems, contact our team or visit us at Downtown Lincoln in Toronto, Ontario.

Stylish 2022 Lincoln Navigator Arrives with Updated Tech

Stylish 2022 Lincoln Navigator Arrives with Updated Tech | Toronto, ON

The full-size Lincoln Navigator is one of the longest-running nameplates in the brand’s history. For 2022, this iconic SUV arrives with updated technology and an elevated design.

Advanced Technology

One of the most notable new features is the Lincoln ActiveGlide hands-free driver-assist technology that works in more than 130,000 miles’ worth of Hands-Free Blue Zones in North America. The 2022 Lincoln Navigator is also equipped with the intuitive SYNC® 4 infotainment system that allows for wireless smartphone connectivity through Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™. Additionally, drivers can interact with the Lincoln Navigator naturally by asking Amazon Alexa questions like, “Alexa, where is the closest gas station?”

Appealing Design

Along with being incredibly advanced, the new Lincoln Navigator presents an even more stunning and thoughtful design for 2022. The updated signature grille and front end provide a more dynamic look while adaptive pixel projector headlamps have a new look that give the SUV a more modern aesthetic. Rounding out the elegant design of the Lincoln Navigator are new 3D taillamps that fade in and out as you enter or exit the vehicle.

The new Lincoln Navigator is expected to arrive at dealerships in early 2022. Contact our team at Downtown Lincoln in Toronto, Ontario, for more details.

Lincoln Is Planning to Have an All-Electric Lineup by 2030

Lincoln Logo | Toronto, ON

Lincoln has nearly 100 years of experience in the automotive industry, so it knows that change is inevitable and often the catalyst for exciting, beneficial updates. One update that Lincoln is committing to is an all-electric lineup of vehicles by the year 2030. The first fully electric Lincoln vehicle will debut next year, with many more to follow.

“As we accelerate Lincoln’s transformation in North America and China, there is no better time to propel the Lincoln brand forward with electrification,” said Joy Falotico, president of Lincoln. “Our world-class vehicles, effortless services, and advanced connected technology will allow us to create an always-on relationship with [our customers] and help transform the Lincoln brand for the future.”

Drawing inspiration from aviation, the concept of “Quiet Flight DNA” will continue with the models that Lincoln produces throughout the decade. A sampling of this was showcased at Auto Shanghai earlier this year when the Lincoln Zephyr Reflection concept debuted. The futuristic model featured a dynamic exterior design and an elegant interior to match.

Aligning with its electrified future, Lincoln will also update the Lincoln Way™ app to add even more personalized experiences within its all-electric vehicles. To learn more about this app or what’s to come with Lincoln in the future, contact our team at Downtown Lincoln in Toronto, Ontario.

Lincoln Tops J.D. Power Sales Satisfaction Index

Lincoln J.D. Power Sales Satisfaction | Toronto, Ontario

Lincoln Motor Company capped off 2020 by taking the top spot in the J.D. Power U.S. Sales Satisfaction Index. While the rankings cover customer satisfaction with Lincoln in the United States, that same commitment to quality is what makes Lincoln a leading luxury brand in Canada.

One of the reasons Lincoln rose five spots in last year’s J.D. Power Sales Satisfaction Index is the standard Pickup & Delivery service. This perk of ownership sets Lincoln apart, making scheduling service and going on about your business easier.

Simply use the Lincoln Way™ app to schedule your appointment at Downtown Lincoln and a Lincoln Service Valet will come to a location within 30 kilometers of our dealership in a Lincoln Loaner. You can use the Lincoln Loaner to go about your day while we service your vehicle, and we’ll keep you up to date on your progress via text, email, or phone call.

“Serving our Lincoln clients in ways that extend beyond the vehicle is one of the most important and exciting opportunities for our brand,” said Lincoln Director of North America Michael Sprague. “Despite the challenging year, by working in lockstep with our dealer partners we were able to deliver on an ownership experience that is a true representation of Lincoln luxury and, simply put — effortless.”

At Downtown Lincoln in Toronto, we want your spirit to be similarly effortless. We’re committed to your comfort and safety, and our team is dedicated to your satisfaction whether you’re browsing our new vehicle inventory or stopping in for service.


Winter Driving Safety Tips

winter driving safety | Toronto, ON

Winter in Toronto means ice, snow, and freezing rain. With this harsh weather, it’s important you know how to take on unexpected skids and more. These winter driving safety tips will help you feel more confident as you’re driving during the colder months.

Don’t slam on the brakes. When it’s slippery out, you never want to slam on your brakes. Instead, if you have to stop quickly, pump your brakes to stop you faster without sliding.

Know how to get out of a skid. Before you find your vehicle’s wheels losing traction, it’s important that you know how to recover from your skid. Remember to stay calm and don’t slam on your brakes. If your front wheels have lost traction, ease off the gas pedal and steer in the direction you want to go without touching the brake or gas pedals. For rear-wheel skids, turn your steering wheel into the direction your rear end is sliding so that your entire car is straightened out. Once you’re off the icy patch, you can accelerate again.

Keep your distance. Drive slowly in snowy and icy weather, and make sure you keep a significant amount of space between you and the vehicle in front of you. This will allow you to have enough time to react if the vehicle in front of you starts skidding.

Make sure your visibility is good. Make sure you can always see where you’re going by clearing off all of your vehicle’s windows, its hood, and its taillights and headlights.

As you deal with winter driving, it’s also wise to keep up on scheduled service for your vehicle. For all your maintenance and repair needs, contact us here at Downtown Lincoln in Toronto.

Lincoln Scores 2 AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction Awards

Lincoln Navigator - Lincoln awards - Toronto, ON

Lincoln is known for offering reliable, luxurious, and long-lasting vehicles. So it comes as no surprise that the brand earned two coveted spots in the 2020 AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction Awards.

The luxury carmaker received these honors thanks to top scores for quietness, ride, handling, safety features, and ratings. This is due to the Lincoln brand’s Quiet Flight DNA and serene interiors.

AutoPacific also recognized the Lincoln Navigator, the brand’s flagship vehicle. This SUV earned a top satisfaction score from its owners, who were impressed by its power and acceleration as well as its simple gauge and control layout.

“The Lincoln team is dedicated to creating exceptional products and effortless ownership experiences, and this is a testament to our commitment,” said Michael Sprague, North American director for Lincoln. “Being awarded the highest satisfaction for the overall brand is an honour, and the Navigator showcases the very best of Lincoln as it continues its streak as most awarded luxury SUV in its class.”

The AutoPacific New Vehicle Satisfaction Awards survey over 73,000 new car and light truck owners every year, determining the most satisfying vehicles in the market. Owners are asked to comment on 27 individual attributes, from driving performance and seating comfort to interior design and innovations. 

To test-drive any of Lincoln’s award-winning models, come see us here at Downtown Lincoln in Toronto.

Lincoln Introduces New Monochromatic Package for SUVs

2020 Lincoln Navigator - Lincoln Monochromatic Package - Toronto, ON

The Lincoln SUV lineup is now available with an even fresher, more sophisticated look. The American luxury carmaker recently announced that its SUVs will come available with the new Monochromatic Package, which debuted with the Lincoln Navigator last fall.

This new monochromatic colour scheme allows clients to express their individual style in a fashionable way. They simply select the colour option they want, and it will be used throughout the vehicle with body-coloured side mirrors, lower cladding, and wheel-lip mouldings. The Monochromatic Package will also give Lincoln SUVs a signature Lincoln grille and name badge in the monochromatic hue, along with 20-inch and 22-inch black wheel designs.

“The monochromatic palette is clean, uncluttered, and emphasizes the beautiful lines of our Lincoln SUVs,” said Earl Lucas, chief exterior designer. “From the Corsair, Nautilus, Aviator to Navigator, this option not only enables us to keep our lineup fresh, but also gives our clients a unique option to personalize their Lincoln SUV.”

This package is available in the following colours:

  • 2021 Lincoln Corsair: Pristine White, Infinite Black, and Asher Grey
  • 2020 Lincoln Nautilus: Infinite Black
  • 2021 Lincoln Aviator: Pristine White, Infinite Black, and Asher Grey
  • 2020 Navigator: Pristine White, Ceramic Pearl, and Infinite Black

Lincoln SUVs are currently driving the momentum for the brand throughout North America, so if you’d like to see what these vehicles have to offer, stop into Downtown Lincoln in Toronto.

2020 Lincoln Aviator Wins Spot on Wards 10 Best Interiors List

2020 Lincoln Aviator - Toronto, ON

When you shop for a luxury SUV, you expect premium appointments, superior craftsmanship, and ergonomic design. That’s where the 2020 Lincoln Aviator comes in. This luxury SUV recently earned a spot on the prestigious Wards 10 Best Interiors list for 2020, and it’s the perfect vehicle for riding around Toronto in comfort and style.

The Aviator is the fourth consecutive Lincoln vehicle to be recognized by WardsAuto, earning recognition for its fine materials, luxurious comfort, and top-notch design quality.

“Lincoln has been on quite the roll, having won four consecutive Wards 10 Best Interior trophies, starting with the Continental in 2017, the Navigator in 2018, and the Nautilus in 2019,” said Tom Murphy, managing editor for WardsAuto. “This year’s honoree is the all-new Aviator three-row luxury SUV, which draws us in with cashmere leather seats and a warm, cream colour combination that is breathtaking.”

The Aviator’s flowing lines help create a relaxing atmosphere, while the Quiet Flat DNA offers a silent retreat out on the road. Its Perfect Position seats with Active Motion® provide 30-way adjustability, massage capabilities, and additional lumbar support for optimal comfort. You can even create a concert-hall-like experience with the available Revel® Ultima 3D Audio System, which uses 28 speakers throughout the cabin.  

To experience the deluxe interior of the 2020 Lincoln Aviator for yourself, stop in for a test drive here at Downtown Lincoln.

Is Your Vehicle Sitting Unused? Here’s How to Care for It

vehicle sitting unused - toronto, on

Over time, lack of use can affect your vehicle’s safety and reliability in negative ways. Is your vehicle sitting unused? These tips will help you keep it in good shape.


Go out for a short drive. Vehicles are meant to be driven, and taking yours out for a short trip at least once a week can help stave off problems and keep it running well.


Keep an eye on your tires. If your car is sitting on its tires too long without moving, you might notice flat spotting. This happens when the constant weight of the vehicle has flattened out parts of the tire’s rubber. Make sure you keep an eye on your tires, regularly checking tire pressure to ensure you don’t experience this.


Protect your car’s exterior. If you don’t have a garage, taking measures to protect your car’s exterior is important. If your vehicle is sitting outside, then it will likely accumulate potentially damaging grime, like bird droppings and tree sap. Get a waterproof car cover to help keep your car’s exterior looking like new.


Take care of your battery. When your car is sitting idle, your battery can discharge, leaving you with the need to get a jump start. Prevent this from happening and plug your vehicle into a battery tender. You can even disconnect it entirely to save it from dying.


To learn more about how to take care of your idle car, or to schedule maintenance or repairs, contact our highly qualified service staff here at Downtown Lincoln in Toronto