How to Keep Your Lincoln’s Cabin Clean This Winter

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The arrival of winter means beautiful snowy days and holiday bliss. But it also means the interior of your Lincoln is more susceptible to getting exceptionally dirty. Here are some ways to keep the cabin clean this winter.

All-season floor mats

While it may seem more luxurious to have carpet floor mats in your Lincoln, now is a good time to swap those out for all-season floor mats. These rubber mats are a great defense system from snow, slush, and salt. They’re also easier to clean than standard carpet mats.

Park in covered areas

If you can, park in covered areas to help your vehicle’s cabin stay clean. More than likely, these areas are kept clear of snow and ice, meaning there’s less of a chance of it getting into your Lincoln. If you can’t park in a covered spot, try to clear the ground nearby so you don’t track anything into the car.

Vacuum often

When those few pieces of road salt inevitably do make it into the cabin, try to vacuum them out whenever possible. Doing so will also dry up the fabric materials underneath rubber floor mats and help keep mold away.

If you notice any issues with your Lincoln this winter, feel free to contact our team at Downtown Lincoln in Toronto for assistance.

Clean and Safe: How to Sanitize Your Car

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Even luxury vehicles can be hubs for germs — but they don’t have to be. If you’re looking for ways to protect your health in these uncertain times, consider these tips on how to sanitize your car.


Wear gloves. Don’t begin your deep clean until you have the right tools — and this means putting on disposable gloves. Gloves can help protect your hands from any chemicals you’re using, and will also prevent you from attracting germs. If you’re wearing gloves, though, don’t spread germs by touching your face, phone, or other surfaces.


Scrub. From the dashboard and steering wheel to the console and door handles, surfaces in your vehicle can easily capture germs. To clean these surfaces for your safety, use either disinfectant wipes or warm, soapy water. Pay attention to areas that may be the main focus of germs, including areas that may have been coughed or sneezed on.


Don’t forget your upholstery. Soft surfaces in your vehicle can absorb a lot of germs, even if you have leather. Make sure you use the proper upholstery cleaner for your car, and use carpet cleaner on your car’s floor mats for a good deep clean.


For more information on how to safely sanitize your luxury ride, contact our service department here at Downtown Lincoln in Toronto.

Is Your Vehicle Sitting Unused? Here’s How to Care for It

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Over time, lack of use can affect your vehicle’s safety and reliability in negative ways. Is your vehicle sitting unused? These tips will help you keep it in good shape.


Go out for a short drive. Vehicles are meant to be driven, and taking yours out for a short trip at least once a week can help stave off problems and keep it running well.


Keep an eye on your tires. If your car is sitting on its tires too long without moving, you might notice flat spotting. This happens when the constant weight of the vehicle has flattened out parts of the tire’s rubber. Make sure you keep an eye on your tires, regularly checking tire pressure to ensure you don’t experience this.


Protect your car’s exterior. If you don’t have a garage, taking measures to protect your car’s exterior is important. If your vehicle is sitting outside, then it will likely accumulate potentially damaging grime, like bird droppings and tree sap. Get a waterproof car cover to help keep your car’s exterior looking like new.


Take care of your battery. When your car is sitting idle, your battery can discharge, leaving you with the need to get a jump start. Prevent this from happening and plug your vehicle into a battery tender. You can even disconnect it entirely to save it from dying.


To learn more about how to take care of your idle car, or to schedule maintenance or repairs, contact our highly qualified service staff here at Downtown Lincoln in Toronto

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Car

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Spring has sprung, which means it’s time for a fresh start. If you’re looking to kick off the season the right way, why not give your car a good cleaning? Here are some spring cleaning tips for your car that will leave it looking and smelling like new.


Scrub, scrub, scrub. Road salt and general winter grime can really do a number on your car’s exterior. Start with the outside of your car and give it a scrub. Make sure you clean your tires with a tire-cleaning spray and firm brush — and don’t forget to clean your car’s undercarriage. Dry it with a clean microfiber towel for a spot-free shine.


Get rid of your litter. Throughout the winter months, it’s likely you’ve accumulated some litter in your car. Whether it’s empty coffee cups in the cupholders or potato chip bags in the footwell, empty out everything that needs to go into the trash and see how your vehicle automatically looks tidier.


Don’t forget your floor mats. Whether it’s dried mud from your last camping trip or road salt scuffs, it’s likely your floor mats have taken a beating this winter. Take the mats out of your car and use carpet cleaner if they’re carpet. If they’re rubber, then scrub them clean with some warm soapy water.


Embrace spring the right way by thoroughly cleansing your car. And for an even better start to the season, bring your ride in to our service department at Downtown Lincoln to get up to date on scheduled maintenance.

Make These 3 New Year’s Driving Resolutions

New Year’s driving resolutions - Toronto, ON

When the clock counts down to midnight on New Year’s Eve, do you know what your resolutions will be? Figuring out your goals for 2020 isn’t an easy task, but we’ve come up with three New Year’s driving resolutions that you should consider to help you get the most from your time behind the wheel.


Remember routine maintenance. Everyone gets busy at times and forgets to bring their car in for its routine checkup. Forgetting regular service can hurt your vehicle in the long run, so resolve to keep up with recommended maintenance in 2020.


Be more efficient. Going green for the new year doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy a hybrid or all-electric car — though that certainly will help. Instead, follow some practices to help you drive more efficiently. This includes cutting back on driving at rush hour (if you can), braking and accelerating smoothly, and sticking to the speed limit.


Go on your dream road trip. Is there a road-trip destination you’ve had in mind for a while, but haven’t driven to? Make 2020 the year you finally go. Plan your dream trip and enjoy finding adventure in the new year.


Here at Downtown Lincoln, we wish you the best for 2020 and hope you find these resolution ideas helpful.

Get Ready for Warmer Weather with These Spring Car Care Tips

Spring Car Care Tips | Downtown Lincoln | Toronto, ON

Winter in Toronto means snow, slush, and ice — all of which can do a number on your vehicle. Luckily, spring is finally here, which means the temperatures are starting to rise. If you want your Lincoln to be ready for warmer weather, consider following these spring car maintenance tips.

Get your car cleaned, inside and out. With winter weather comes salt and sand on the roads. This grit can really do a number on your car’s exterior. That’s why spring is the perfect time to give your vehicle a thorough cleaning — especially its undercarriage. Bring your vehicle in for a good wash and wax to seal it against any potential damage caused by the cold weather conditions. Get the interior detailed while you’re at it, clearing out any clutter and dirt that may have accumulated in your Lincoln’s cabin over the winter.

Bring your car in for a check-up. Routine maintenance is needed to make sure your Lincoln is in tiptop shape at all times. Bring your car in to Downtown Lincoln for an oil change and tire rotation. While it’s here, get your tire pressure, tire tread, and windshield wipers checked. This will ensure your vehicle is ready for whatever weather this spring throws at it.