Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Car

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Spring has sprung, which means it’s time for a fresh start. If you’re looking to kick off the season the right way, why not give your car a good cleaning? Here are some spring cleaning tips for your car that will leave it looking and smelling like new.


Scrub, scrub, scrub. Road salt and general winter grime can really do a number on your car’s exterior. Start with the outside of your car and give it a scrub. Make sure you clean your tires with a tire-cleaning spray and firm brush — and don’t forget to clean your car’s undercarriage. Dry it with a clean microfiber towel for a spot-free shine.


Get rid of your litter. Throughout the winter months, it’s likely you’ve accumulated some litter in your car. Whether it’s empty coffee cups in the cupholders or potato chip bags in the footwell, empty out everything that needs to go into the trash and see how your vehicle automatically looks tidier.


Don’t forget your floor mats. Whether it’s dried mud from your last camping trip or road salt scuffs, it’s likely your floor mats have taken a beating this winter. Take the mats out of your car and use carpet cleaner if they’re carpet. If they’re rubber, then scrub them clean with some warm soapy water.


Embrace spring the right way by thoroughly cleansing your car. And for an even better start to the season, bring your ride in to our service department at Downtown Lincoln to get up to date on scheduled maintenance.

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