Lincoln Aviator Adds Heated Wiper Blades to Battle Nasty Weather

2020 Lincoln Aviator | Toronto, ON

Battling icy winters (and springs) in Toronto isn’t always easy. With nasty weather never far away, it’s important to have a vehicle that can handle whatever nature dishes out. That’s why the all-new Lincoln Aviator now comes available with heated wiper blades.

The Aviator’s heated wiper blades use a range of features to keep your windshield clear of dirt, grime, and ice. Rather than dispensing wiper fluid through nozzles in the front of the windshield like traditional systems, these wipers dispense the fluid through integrated nozzles in the blades themselves.

This method manages to clean the windshield more effectively, providing you with optimal visibility. The wiper blades also stay warm with an integrated heated element, helping to prevent ice from building up on both the blades and the windshield. These blades can heat from subfreezing temperatures to 86 degrees Fahrenheit in just 4 minutes (for reference, a traditional defroster can take up to 15 minutes).

These wiper blades, called VisioBlade®, are part of the optional Elements Package Plus. The Aviator also comes available with intelligent all-wheel drive to provide you with winter-ready capabilities, along with Lincoln Drive Modes specially designed for slick or snowy conditions.

Visit Downtown Lincoln to learn more about these new heated wiper blades and take the Lincoln Aviator out for a test drive.

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