Tips for Keeping Your Lincoln’s AC Cold This Summer

Tips for Keeping Your Lincoln’s AC Cold This Summer | Toronto, ON

The weather is warming up and the last thing you want to happen while driving is to have your air conditioning blow out hot air. Check out these tips to keep your Lincoln’s AC cold this summer.

Check the filter

Vehicles have various filters under the hood and behind compartments. Your car’s cabin air filter works to provide a cleaner, stronger airflow and prevents dust from settling on the interior. The air filter also works to trap odors in your vehicle, so having a clean filter works best.

Roll the windows down

Many experts suggest letting most of the hot air out of your vehicle before turning on the AC. When you get in, roll the windows down and start to drive. Once the air starts leaving the cabin, then turn on the air conditioning so the system doesn’t have to work as hard to cool you down.

Defrost occasionally

Kelley Blue Book in-house service and maintenance expert Gary Hardesty suggests running the defrost setting every once in a while for 5-10 minutes. Doing so helps prevent moisture and mildew within the AC unit, thus extending its life and helping it work better.

If you think your car’s air conditioning needs to be checked, be sure to contact our team or visit us at Downtown Lincoln in Toronto, Ontario.

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