Autumn Car Care Tips in Toronto, ON

Autumn Service | Toronto, ON


The changing of a season is the ideal time to check in on your vehicle to see if anything needs to be replaced or repaired. Now that autumn is here, you should consider these car care tips and bring your vehicle to Downtown Lincoln for any issues.


There aren’t many things that are worse than getting stranded in the cold with a dead car battery. Not being able to turn on your vehicle for its heat or simply to get home can be a nightmare. We can do a quick test of your car’s battery to ensure it has a long life ahead.


The onset of colder weather means the roads here in Toronto might get slick. Check your car’s tires for any cracks or bulges. Be sure to check the tread, too, to ensure that the tires have enough grip to keep you safe on the road. If you’re worried about anything to do with the tires, it’s best to schedule an appointment with us to check it out.


Being able to stop during autumn and winter is vital to staying safe on the roads. The more your car’s brake pads are worn down, the slower your stopping time will be. Worn-down brake pads can also cause the rotors to get damaged, and that’s a costly repair.

These are just a few of the top things to check as the weather changes. If you’ve got any questions or concerns regarding your vehicle, contact our team at Downtown Lincoln in Toronto, Ontario.


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