Toronto’s Best Hiking Destinations

Best Hiking Destinations | Toronto, ON

Are you looking for a fun hiking trail in the Toronto area? We’ve got you covered! Check out any of these easy to moderate hikes to fully enjoy the outdoors before it gets too cold.

West Humber River Recreation Trail

If you want to stay within the city and take an urban hike around the area, head to the West Humber River Recreation Trail. This 19-km trail extends past all kinds of fun spots like scenic waterways, beautiful bridges, and wooded patches. Because the pathways are paved, this is a great option for hikers of all ages and abilities.

Scarborough Bluffs Trail

With views akin to southern California, the Scarborough Bluffs Trail is an ideal way to forget your troubles and enjoy nature. Thanks to its proximity to the water, you can easily peel off from the end of your hike to the nearby marina for boating, fishing, and other adventures!

Joker’s Hill Trail

For a little more of a challenge, head to Joker’s Hill Trail in the Thornton Bales Conservation Area. While you won’t find sweeping views of cliffs or water on this trail, you’ll still encounter beautiful wildlife and plants on this 2.9-km hike. Not to mention, there’s plenty of shade along the way so you don’t have to walk in direct sunlight.

Where are your favourite hikes in the area? Let us know the next time you stop by and see us at Downtown Lincoln in Toronto, Ontario.

3 of Our Favourite 2022 Lincoln Corsair Features

3 of Our Favourite 2022 Lincoln Corsair Features | Toronto, ON

There’s so much to love about the 2022 Lincoln Corsair. From its distinct design and lavish interior to its incredible technology, you can’t go wrong with this vehicle. Here are some of our favourite features that you can find on this Lincoln SUV.

Lincoln Embrace

Nothing says luxury like a vehicle that can greet you as you approach it. Lincoln Embrace will sense your key fob as you walk toward the Corsair and will get things ready. Sequential lighting illuminates the surroundings of the vehicle, complete with an available Lincoln logo “welcome mat” and available ambient lighting inside.

Perfect Position™ seats

Comfort is key, and that’s why we love the available Perfect Position™ front seats that you can find in the Lincoln Corsair. These premium leather-trimmed seats can be adjusted 24 ways with the press of a button and offer upscale amenities like heating, ventilation, and thigh extenders. The seats also offer five available massage settings at three intensity levels to soothe your body as you drive.

Revel® audio system

The available Revel® audio system is one of the best musical experiences that you can enjoy in a vehicle today. With its 14 speakers, 12-channel amplifier, and QuantumLogic™ surround technology, every trip is like a concert.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the wonderful amenities that you can find on a 2022 Lincoln Corsair. Contact our team or visit us at Downtown Lincoln in Toronto to learn more about this premium SUV.

How to Have Fun on the Water in Toronto

How to Have Fun on the Water in Toronto, ON

Toronto is a prime location for watersport enthusiasts. From its incredible location on the shores of Lake Ontario to the nearby Lake Erie and Lake Huron, there’s plenty of aquatic adventures awaiting you. Here are some fun ways to enjoy the water — and the weather.

Take your own craft

Bring your boat, jet ski, or what have you to Toronto Harbour and set sail! Of course, you’ll need to be aware of certain guidelines and regulations that are in place. But once you familiarize yourself with everything, you’ll be well on your way to having an unforgettable time on the water.

Consider a cruise

If you’re looking for a more laid back experience on the water, consider one of the many dining cruises available. Various companies offer things like a delicious brunch on a boat to private events — like weddings or even corporate meetings — on a yacht.

Water transportation

Heading to the islands for some fun at Centreville Amusement Park or relaxation at Hanlan’s Point Beach? Try taking one of the several themed water taxis and ferries to get there. Some are even adorned in Tiki and pirate décor for a more enjoyable trip across the water.

When you’re not on the water, you can bring your land-based Lincoln vehicle to us at Downtown Lincoln and we will make sure everything is in tip-top shape. We look forward to seeing you!

Tips for Keeping Your Lincoln’s AC Cold This Summer

Tips for Keeping Your Lincoln’s AC Cold This Summer | Toronto, ON

The weather is warming up and the last thing you want to happen while driving is to have your air conditioning blow out hot air. Check out these tips to keep your Lincoln’s AC cold this summer.

Check the filter

Vehicles have various filters under the hood and behind compartments. Your car’s cabin air filter works to provide a cleaner, stronger airflow and prevents dust from settling on the interior. The air filter also works to trap odors in your vehicle, so having a clean filter works best.

Roll the windows down

Many experts suggest letting most of the hot air out of your vehicle before turning on the AC. When you get in, roll the windows down and start to drive. Once the air starts leaving the cabin, then turn on the air conditioning so the system doesn’t have to work as hard to cool you down.

Defrost occasionally

Kelley Blue Book in-house service and maintenance expert Gary Hardesty suggests running the defrost setting every once in a while for 5-10 minutes. Doing so helps prevent moisture and mildew within the AC unit, thus extending its life and helping it work better.

If you think your car’s air conditioning needs to be checked, be sure to contact our team or visit us at Downtown Lincoln in Toronto, Ontario.

Star Concept Paves the Way for New Lincoln EVs

Lincoln Star Concept | Toronto, ON

As we move toward a more sustainable future, many automakers have introduced electric vehicles to their lineups. Lincoln recently debuted the Lincoln Star Concept — the brand’s vision for its electric future.

This inspiring new concept vehicle has a striking appearance, inside and out, and features next-gen connected technologies. The exterior is a new take on the Quiet Flight DNA of Lincoln and includes features like rear-hinged doors and a front trunk that offers up a ton of storage.

Inside, the Lincoln Star Concept is absolutely exquisite. The rear seating area resembles a VIP lounge with reclined seats, leg rests, a glass beverage chiller, and three “rejuvenation moods.” These preset moods — Coastal Morning, Mindful Vitality, and Evening Chill — are part of the Lincoln Embrace system and adjust the lighting, scenting, and audio within the cabin.

Of course, as an electric vehicle, the Lincoln Star Concept is expected to be efficient and environmentally friendly. Because it is a concept, it has not undergone road testing for fuel economy numbers, but it was built with the brand’s rear- and all-wheel-drive flexible battery electric architecture.

While this exact model won’t be arriving on our lot, our team at Downtown Lincoln is excited to see how the future of the Lincoln brand is shifting.

Great Shopping Destinations in Downtown Toronto

Great Shopping Destinations in Downtown Toronto, ON

When you visit us at Downtown Lincoln for a routine service appointment, you have the opportunity to explore the many shopping destinations in downtown Toronto. Here are some of our favourite spots to visit.

CF Toronto Eaton Centre

Located just 2.6 km from our dealership, CF Toronto Eaton Centre is home to over 230 stores. In fact, this shopping mall is so large that it covers two city blocks and welcomes millions of Canadians as well as international travelers each year. The modern food court offers a wide variety of options, from grab-and-go options to sit-down restaurants.


If you would prefer to avoid the bustling nature of a shopping mall, consider visiting the Yorkville neighborhood and the adjacent Bloor Street. Here, you’ll find some of the top brands for shopping as well as highly rated restaurants and inspiring art galleries.


Fun fact: Toronto is home to one of the largest Chinatown areas in North America. This diverse cultural area is where you’ll find many unique items, from jewelry and clothing to household items. If you’re a Disney fan, you may notice some landmarks that inspired locations in the hit Pixar film Turning Red, which is set in Toronto’s Chinatown.

What are your favourite areas to visit in the city for shopping? Let us know when you come visit us at Downtown Lincoln!

Lincoln Reflects, Readies for Electric Future on 100th Birthday

Lincoln 100th Birthday | Toronto, ON

The Lincoln brand recently celebrated its 100th birthday, marking a century of innovation. As the luxury brand enters a new generation, it is focusing on continuous improvement and creativity through its electric future.

“We are at a defining moment in our history. We look back at Lincoln’s past and find inspiration for the future and, to reflect on what we have accomplished — maintaining a balance between the brand’s core values and redefining our vehicle and experiences for the next generation of luxury clients,” said Lincoln president Joy Falotico. “The timing of our 100th anniversary couldn’t be more ideal as we shift to an electrified future, and I look forward to shepherding the brand into the next 100 years.”

The MKZ Hybrid was the first hybrid vehicle launched by Lincoln in 2010. The current lineup of plug-in hybrid vehicles includes the Aviator Grand Touring and Corsair Grand Touring models. Other ways that Lincoln has shown off its innovation is with the Navigator, which debuted with the all-new 30-way Perfect Position Seats. The newest version of the Navigator, set to be launched this year, arrives with even more exciting amenities, including ActiveGlide hands-free driver-assist technology.

We’re excited to see the Lincoln brand continue to build on its history and create vehicles that inspire us daily. To learn more about the Lincoln PHEV lineup, contact our team at Downtown Lincoln in Toronto, Ontario.

Lincoln Driver-Assist Features You Should Know About

2022 Lincoln Navigator, Toronto, ON

In all of its vehicles, Lincoln offers various systems from the Lincoln Co-Pilot360™ suite of safety technologies. These Lincoln driver-assist features offer peace of mind and increased confidence when you’re behind the wheel. Here are some of the top systems you should know.

Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking

With the use of cameras and radar technology, this system will scan for pedestrians or other vehicles on the road. It will then provide a collision warning and apply the brakes if you are unable to take corrective action in time.

Blind Spot Information System and Cross-Traffic Alert

When you’re driving on a road with multiple lanes, this system will let you know if another vehicle is in your blind spot. Meanwhile, Cross-Traffic Alert is ideal when you’re reversing into a busy roadway because it will let you know if it’s safe to do so.

Evasive Steering Assist

As part of the available Lincoln Co-Pilot360™ Plus suite, this helpful feature uses sensors and cameras to detect a potential frontal collision. When it does, the system will brake for you. If a collision is inevitable, you can initiate an evasive manoeuver and the system will adjust the steering torque to help avoid hitting the vehicle ahead.

Active Park Assist

Another available system from Lincoln Co-Pilot360™ Plus is Active Park Assist. This feature will guide you into tough parking spots, whether it’s parallel parking or simply reversing into a tight perpendicular spot. If you get too close to another vehicle or object, the system will alert you.

To learn more about the Lincoln Co-Pilot360™ suite of advanced driver-assist systems, contact our team or visit us at Downtown Lincoln in Toronto, Ontario.

Lincoln Aviator Gets New Jet Appearance Package for 2022

2022 Lincoln Aviator Jet Appearance Package | Toronto, ON

It’s no secret that the Lincoln Aviator sports an aviation theme with its design and performance. As such, it makes perfect sense that Lincoln has introduced a new Jet Appearance Package for the SUV.

The new Jet Appearance Package takes the exterior of the Lincoln Aviator and elevates it with sleek black accents. In the front, the Lincoln grille and lower fascia are both blacked out. This new package also adds black-painted 22-inch wheels to the Lincoln Aviator.

Lincoln took note of the popularity of the Monochromatic Reserve Package, which added chrome accents to the vehicle, and wanted to offer even more customization to owners. “Jet Package offers a clean, dramatic look that accentuates the presence of Aviator on the road,” said Earl Lucas, Lincoln exterior chief designer. “The black accents emphasize the strong lines and sleek look of the exterior design.”

If you’re not a fan of the all-black look, worry not. While the Jet Appearance Package offers Infinite Black paint, you can also choose from three other appealing colours: Pristine White, Silver Radiance, and Burgundy Velvet.

To learn more about the Lincoln Aviator Jet Appearance Package or any other available add-ons for Lincoln vehicles, contact our team or visit us at Downtown Lincoln in Toronto, Ontario.

Unlock the Power of the Lincoln Way App

Lincoln Way App, Toronto, ON

Staying connected is vital in today’s world, whether it’s with friends, family, or even your vehicle. When you purchase a Lincoln, you have the benefit of experiencing the innovative Lincoln Way™ app. This helpful mobile app offers a variety of features to make life simpler. Here are some of our favorite perks that this smart technology provides.

Vehicle Health Alerts

Keeping track of service records shouldn’t be contained to slips of paper you store in the glove box. You can stay up-to-date with all of your vehicle’s needs through the Lincoln Way™ app with Vehicle Health alerts. You’ll have your vehicle’s maintenance history at your fingertips and you can even schedule a service appointment through the app.

Remote Access

Another impressive feature of the Lincoln Way™ app is its ability to remotely control certain parts of your vehicle. This includes starting and stopping the engine, locking and unlocking the doors, and scheduled remote start — making those cold Toronto mornings easier to get through.

Phone As A Key

On certain models, the Phone As A Key function of the Lincoln Way™ app allows you to access your vehicle just as you would with a traditional key fob, even if you don’t have the key fob with you. That includes locking and unlocking doors, trunk release, push-button start, temporary valet codes, and more.

If you would like to learn more about the Lincoln Way™ app or our luxurious lineup of vehicles, contact our team at Downtown Lincoln in Toronto, Ontario.